Who We Are


Chanana Welfare Foundation aims to reach out to women and children in the realm of education and hygiene. Our vision correlates with the Prime Minister’s Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and echoes the same principles. We at CWF believe that by educating and empowering women and children, we can propel a change. We understand that women contribute significantly to the economy of the country. At CWF, we are working hard to harness and bring forth that potential. We aim at providing them opportunities, so that they are economically secure and empowered. CWF feels that education will be the harbinger of this new found status of women in days to come. The economic empowerment of women will help in upliftment of their entire family and community as a whole. We are moving towards the cause with a heedful mind and steady steps. We seek to help women find their own voice in the community. The foundation wants to invigorate and ignite the fire of hope, possibilities and dreams in women and help them achieve their goals.


Chanana Welfare Foundation aids children’s education and helps women find vocational work so that they are self-sufficient. CWF aims to create a positive space for the education of children and women. We want to mitigate and remove the roadblocks that they face in receiving basic education. We believe in supporting them with educational and recreational tools to enrich their lives. This will be done by providing them with dedicated, passionate learning and nurturing. We passionately work for women’s education and empowerment. Motivating women by way of education and introducing them to vocational work is our step towards empowering them. Through various CWF projects and partners, we continuously create financial opportunities and even employ ‘only women’ in some projects so that women attain an equal status in the society. Our efforts allow women to break restrictive boundaries set by the patriarchal society, and carve out a niche for themselves. We make them lead a significantly dignified life. Our endeavours also make them more social as their interaction outside the family increases when they learn a vocation. We are happy that we could team up with our partners and volunteers to succeed in our goal to empower and educate women across India. We encourage everyone to contribute towards this cause in whatever way they can.

Children are the building blocks of a bright economic future. CWF aims to help them in the realm of education and inculcate the right hygiene sense in them. These will go a long way in ensuring less dropout rates in schools, a cause that is of grave concern to the government as well.

Philanthropy is our way of life and we want to bring about change, by helping those who are helping others. To make a better future for India, all sections of the society need to unite and work in tandem towards similar causes.