The Partners

Chanana Welfare Foundation works with its different partners (NGOs) on the ground in achieving goals that are characteristically similar to that of the foundation. CWF believes that by partnering with these organisations, scarce resources can be optimised and the duplication of efforts can be avoided. These organisations are already doing ground work that needs to be facilitated by way of funding, and here CWF plays a crucial role. CWF helps the projects of these NGOs see the light of the day by providing them with appropriate resources.

About Youthreach

Founded in 1997, Youthreach is a national non-profit organisation based out of New Delhi which seeks to inspire individual and collective transformation to create positive social change. Youthreach creates opportunities for individuals businesses and organisations to contribute their time, energy, skills, material and financial resources in response to critical community needs.

Chanana Welfare Foundation has partnered with Youthreach and Disha in setting up of a Vocational Training Centre for Rural Girls in Roorkee. Girls and women learn tailoring and embroidery at the Vocational Training Centre in accordance with the Usha Curriculum. CWF has rented the premises, deployed a salaried instructor and purchased sewing machines and other study material for this purpose. 

Chanana Welfare Foundation is helping Youthreach in the construction of toilets for girls at five educational centres in Bawal. We are providing resources for the same to enable young girls to visit educational centres, without having to worry about going back home to use the toilets. Youthreach has expressed their deepest gratitude and appreciation to Radhika Chanana for her generosity and her belief in the organisation.

About Disha

Established in 1984, Disha is a registered social organisation working in the area of women empowerment, gender equality, and socio-economic upliftment of the weaker sections of the society.

Chanana Welfare Foundation has partnered with Disha and Youthreach in setting up of a Vocational Training Centre for Rural Girls in small villages on the outskirts of Roorkee. School dropout rates are high due to the dilapidated condition of the existing toilets in government schools in Roorkee. CWF is undertaking bathroom renovation work in two such schools. CWF will be constructing cemented washbasins, installing taps, layering the pipes for water connectivity, purchasing flushes, toilet sheets, tiles and other material. For these bathrooms to be in usable condition, CWF will be providing drilling and boring material for the submersible pump and a water tank. The renovations will start by August end.